Our Leadership


Grace Presbyterian Church is governed by two categories of elders: 1) Teaching elders and 2) Ruling elders. In the Greek language presbyterian is defined as “elder ruled”. In Scripture the Apostle Paul emphasizes a plurality of elders in the early church (1 Titus 1:5, Acts 20:17). Also, the Scriptures identify an elder as a godly man who is qualified, nominated, trained, examined, and ordained to oversee the spiritual affairs of the church. The Bible gives his qualifications in 1 Timothy 3:1-7. Within the Presbyterian denomination elders are elected to serve a term of three years on the Session, which assembles every month to conduct the business of the church. Lastly, elders govern according to three roles:

  1. Oversight – guarding the spiritual health and purity of the congregation
  2. Governance – maintaining the order and peace of the church
  3. Nurture – shepherding the congregation by teaching, equipping, evangelizing, building community, and fulfilling other spiritual tasks which nurture maturity

Furthermore, the leadership of our church involves the service of deacons. In the Greek language deacon is defined as “one who waits on tables”. The Scriptures identify a deacon as a godly man who is qualified, nominated, examined, and ordained to serve the church. The Bible likewise gives his qualifications in 1 Timothy 3:8-13. Deacons serve according to three roles:

  1. Helps – assisting the practical needs of the congregation
  2. Mercy – directing the church beyond its borders to love others practically
  3. Maintenance – managing the building and grounds of the church  


If you have special needs, contact your assigned elder. Find your elder based on your last name.

A-B: Andy Williams

C-G: Jerry Pedine

H-M: Andre Schoeffler

N-R: Scott Tallman

S: Bob Shepherd

T-V: Keith Matthews

W-Z: Doug Brownsberger